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2019-20 Innovative Learning Grants

Teacher innovative learning grant HHSD

Introducing Our First Ever High Impact Grant!

CAMaster Stinger II SR-34 CNC Router is a state-of-the-art piece of technology that will help distinguish Hatboro-Horsham High School as having one of the best technology education departments around. Students will create computer generated models of their design, create toolpaths and then use the CNC machine to create their design. This is a versatile machine that will allow students to stretch their creative limits!

Grant Author: Adam Killion


Innovative Learning Grants


Keith Valley Exploring Science provides all Keith Valley students the opportunity to use technology such as Vernier Interfaces, temperature probes, 3D printers and virtual reality to explore key scientific concepts using innovative hands-on activities.

Grant Authors: Carol Miller, Valerie Fasy, Jamie Ginsberg, Ken Trautwein, Michelle Campellone and Tracey Remaily


Virtual Reality Lab in the High School gives our students the ability to truly comprehend an obscure concept by immersing them into that realm, virtually, allowing for those “eureka” moments.

Grant Authors: Derek Fromal, Kristina Ulmer & Dennis Steinly


Full Spectrum Laser with Retina Engrave 3D Software is a mid-level pro series laser that will give High School students the opportunity to take projects to the next level through greater customization.

Grant Author: Nick Pompei


“Becoming the Best Me I Can Be” with Author Julia Cook will bring a renowned, best-selling author for an engaging, entertaining and thought provoking assembly program highlighting important social and emotional skills for elementary students.

Grant Author: Steve Glaize


KV Library 4-C-Able Makerspace was introduced into Keith Valley earlier this school year and became an instant hit. We are continuing this grant to allow for more creative and personalized learning opportunities using EV3 robotics, K’Nex engineering, LittleBits circuitry, textile-based designing and sewing, Ozobot programming, and both 3D and vinyl designing and printing/cutting.

Grant Author: Lisa Quinn


All-Terrain Wheelchairs allow district students with mobility disabilities the opportunity to participate in activities and events where a normal wheelchair cannot navigate such as the Jarrett Nature Center, College Settlement Camp, or even one of our playgrounds and sports fields. Through this grant, two all-terrain wheelchairs have been purchased.

Grant Authors: Judy Johnson and Kelly Wenner

The Use of Virtual Reality in the Driver’s Education Classroom gives our High School students virtual reality simulation experiences to practice driving scenarios in order to increase their knowledge and retention through a customized experience.

Grant Authors: Justin Hager & Dana Sacony

Mindfulness Matters will welcome mindfulness expert Jacquie O’Malley to Blair Mill Elementary School for workshops with the students in grades K-5. Students will strengthen their impulse control, become more self-aware and apply self-regulation skills inside and outside the classroom.

Grant Authors: Ryan Thomas & Dipa Richardson

Synthesize with STREAM is a second-year continuation grant that provides materials to infuse makerspace materials into third-grade classrooms at Simmons Elementary School. Students work will collaboratively to build and design, to solve problems, and to develop reading and writing skills by telling stories about their creations.

Grant Authors: Karen Roseman & Kaylyn Frame

Drones in the Classroom provides Keith Valley Middle School students an innovative approach to learning about drone technology and how it works. In addition to building and flying drones, students learn about the science behind them: aerodynamics, magnetism, wave transmission, satellites and global positioning systems and more.

Grant Authors: Valerie Fasy & Carol Miller


From the Classroom to the Community: A Schoolwide Service-Learning Project provides funding to support Blair Mill Elementary School’s first annual Day-of-Service; the culminating event of a year-long schoolwide Service-Learning project. Each Blair Mill classroom partnered with a local organization to design and implement projects with the culmination of these activities will occur on the Day- of- Service. Day- of- Service will be filled with service activities including an assembly with the Giving Tree Organization and student self- reflections about the year long experience. 

Grant Authors: Ryan Thomas, Rachel Hockfield, Jennifer Glaize


Engineering Adventures: Creating a Generation of Problem Solvers will provide innovative opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students at Blair Mill Elementary School.  Students will tackle engineering challenges and be guided through hands-on activities to help them solve the real-world problems using the 4C’s.

Grant Authors: Amy Ambler, Susanna Kiss, Kyle Milbrand & Sarah Becker


Architecture After School is a program at Pennypack Elementary designed for 4th and 5th grade students to enhance their skills in observation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Under the facilitation of an Associate Professor of Sustainable Architecture at Jefferson University, students will learn to design, critique and present plans and models of a classroom and adjacent outdoor space for the new Keith Valley Middle School.

Grant Authors: Brea D’Angelo, Sarah Carner and Bob Campman


Fast Track to English Language Acquisition and Digital Literacy will utilize iPads and related applications to support English language learners at Keith Valley Middle School as they develop their language and digital literacy skills.
Grant Author: Juan Suarez-Romero


Pre-Production/Scripting Software and Gimbal Stabilizer for Film and TV Classes provides equipment at the High School that is modern, industry-standard and competitive with other programs in the area. This will allow the students to be more organized and “equipped” to take more risks towards success and prepare them for the future.

Grant Author: Andrew Berchick

New! Classroom Grants

A new HHEF initiative for the 2019-2020 school year, Classroom Grants offer teachers the chance to apply for a modest $300 grant to support any instructional need in their classroom. This year’s Classroom Grant programs include:


Student Led Coffee Business will give Blair Mill Elementary 4th grade students a valuable lesson in entrepreneurship as they develop and implement their own coffee business. 

Grant Author: Amy Ambler


Healthy Eating with Air Fryers will support lessons for students in Keith Valley Middle School’s Family and Consumer Science Nutrition and Wellness class. Students will use the air fryer to better understand the advantages of enjoying comfort foods while trying to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet.

Grant Author: Priscilla Martin


Green Screen Studio gives students in Simmons Elementary School 1st and 2nd grades the ability to use green screen technology. Learning to create short animation films, video blogs, or school news shows are just a few examples of the new possibilities for these students!

Grant Authors: Jennifer Lloyd and Theresa Weber


Integrate Literacy with History and Science at Pennypack Elementary will introduce the STEM-inspired book “Inga’s Amazing Ideas”, along with LEGOS Education Simple Machines for small group literacy instruction. As they follow the book’s protagonist, 5th grade students will experiment with building simple machines, and engage in discussions about the effects of technology on everyday life.

Grant Author: Maria McGrath


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