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Girls' STEAM 2022-23 

Upcoming Events: 


Fablab Night will be rescheduled.

**More dates to come throughout the school year. Make sure to check back!**

In 2016, a Girls’ STEAM initiative was created through collaboration between the Hatboro Horsham School District and the Hatboro Horsham Educational Foundation. The goal of the initiative was to provide innovative opportunities for young women to further their education in the STE(A)M fields. While open to all students, the programs a re designed for female students who need extra encouragement to enroll in higher level STE(A)M classes in high school and college.


During the 2023-2024 school year, students will be invited to attend field trips, community evenings at the FABLAB, lunch and learn guest presenters, a college panel, and mentoring between high school and middle school students.

Please contact Executive Director Suzy Krzaczek  ( if you are interested in getting involved with HHEF’s Girls STEAM initiative!

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