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2018-19 Innovative Learning Grants

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2018-19 Grant Recipients 

Sensitivity Solution provides equipment and materials for sensory centers at Hatboro-Horsham High School. By offering access to forms of movement and tactile experiences, the new materials will help students on the autism spectrum function at their optimal performance level.

Grant Authors: Alexis Schagrin and Jill Moynahan

KV Library 4-C-Able Makerspace will transform the Keith Valley Library into a more vibrant and flexible learning environment. Students will create and design utilizing a LEGO design wall, K’Nex engineering, LittleBits circuitry, textile-based designing and sewing, Ozobot programming, and both 3D and vinyl designing and printing/cutting.

Grant Author: Lisa Quinn



Makey Makey introduces Scratch programming into fourth grade classrooms districtwide. Makey Makey devices utilize currents flowing through everyday objects to enable students to build touch-enabled devices for the computer.

Grant Authors: Kevin Deissler, Stacy Rotchford, and David Shinton



LEGO Robot Invasion completes a three-year pilot introducing robotics to all district elementary schools. The grant will bring additional LEGO Mindstorm EV3 into Hatboro-Horsham, supporting efforts to increase student access to the FIRST robotics programs and providing a 2:1 robot to student ratio.

Grant Authors: Amy Ambler, Kyle Milbrand, Eric Glemser, Nicole Miletto, Dan Beck, Tara Grow, John Schumann, and Kevin Deissler



Mindfulness in the Classroom will welcome mindfulness expert Jacquie O’Malley for workshops with 4th and 5th graders at Pennypack Elementary School. Students will strengthen their impulse control, become more self-aware, and apply self-regulation skills inside and outside the classroom.

Grant Authors: Sarah Carner and Heather Brzezinski



Synthesize with STREAM provides materials to infuse a makerspace into a third-grade classroom at Simmons Elementary School.  Students will build and design to solve problems and develop reading and writing skills by telling stories about their creations.

Grant Authors: Karen Roseman and Kevin Deissler



Creative Design through Collaboration and Construction will support a new digital literacy course for all students in grades 6, 7, 8 at Keith Valley Middle School with the purchase of the Padcaster all-in-one mobile video production suite, a vinyl cutter, and a Ricoh Theta 360 Virtual Reality Camera to capture video for VR production.

Grant Authors: Val Fasy and Carol Miller



Building Community #underconstruction is an opportunity for the students and staff of Crooked Billet Elementary and Hallowell Elementary, the two elementary schools merging in September 2018, to come together at College Settlement Camp for team-building challenges.  Students will be meeting classmates, making new friends, and building the foundation for a year-long adventure in collaboration!

Grant Authors: Val Slott and Tami Wunder-Italia



Mindfulness Comes First will support the social emotional learning of first graders at Hallowell and Crooked Billet Elementary Schools with workshops in mindfulness.

Grant Authors: Nancy Castle and Diane Heitzenrater



Creative Minds: An Innovative Maker’s Space will bring a mobile makerspace including LEGOs, K’NEX, Magformers, Chibitronics, Keva Structures and Qubits, to Pennypack Elementary - enabling students to problem-solve, collaborate, and embrace the creative process.

Grant Author: John Schumann



Broadway Comes to HHSD invites Chris Newcomer, accomplished Broadway and opera performer, to host a performance and masterclass for students at Keith Valley Middle School and Hatboro-Horsham High School.

Grant Authors: Jon Timmons and Mindy Rubinlicht



Greenhouse and Compost Area will launch Hatboro-Horsham’s first greenhouse. Students enrolled in the high school’s health and life skills courses will learn to grow fruits and vegetables and establish a composting program in the cafeteria.

Grant Authors: Dianne Hitchens and Tom Butts



Mindfulness Matters will help students in grades 3-5 at Blair Mill Elementary improve concentration, lower stress, strengthen impulse control, and develop empathy and understanding of others to improve classroom behavior and enhance academic achievement.

Grant Authors: Dipa Richardson and Ryan Thomas



The Synergistic Wall of Collaboration will introduce LiteTouch interactive screens into computer science courses at Hatboro-Horsham High School to support the recent 1:1 initiative. Students will use this digital display technology to explore new means of collaborating with their personal devices.

Grant Author: William Yuengel



STEM All Year connects authentic children's literature and STEM-based activities to engage Crooked Billet’s special education classes in creative exploration and problem-solving.

Grant Author: Kelly Conlan



Coding for All Ages! puts the world of coding and design thinking at the fingertips of all Pennypack Elementary students. The Ozobot provides game-embedded challenges in math and science and enables students to harness their creativity and logic to develop their problem solving abilities.

Grant Authors: Sharon Mirabelli and Christine Jenkins



Fast Track to English Language Acquisition and Digital Literacy will utilize iPads and related applications to support English language learners at Hatboro-Horsham High School as they develop their language and digital literacy skills.

Grant Author: Juan Suarez-Romero



Teleprompters for TV Production Newsmagazine Show provides two teleprompter kits to support Hatboro-Horsham High School’s television and film production curriculum and to help launch a weekly newsmagazine show.

Grant Author: Drew Berchick

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