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2017-18 Innovative Learning Grants

Teacher innovative learning grant HHSD

2017-18 Grant Recipients 

  • Adaptive Creative Arts: A Space for ALL Learners: provides adaptive materials to help students with any disability excel in Keith Valley Middle School’s Creative Arts Rotation classes

  • Bringing STREAM to our Elementary School Classrooms: offers students in Simmons Elementary School’s learning support classes access to four iPads and two Osmo Wonder Kits

  • Collaborative STEAM Art Curriculum: a laser cutter, engraver, and resin printer will enable students to explore how the arts and computer science come together in real-world applications

  • Create, Build, Develop, Make: Raspberry Pi in the C.S. Classroom: provides thirty Raspberry Pi’s to be used for creative, hands-on programming projects

  • Digital Microscopes: Bringing Hatboro-Horsham into the 21st Century: provides thirty Celestron Digital Microscopes for students taking Biology, Forensics, Genetics, and Environmental Science

  • Genetics & Biotechnology: Current Applications, Future Implications: offers 7th graders access to genetics and biotechnology equipment that has demonstrated success with our high school students

  • iPads in the Classroom: provides iPads to be used for mathematical instruction within Pennypack Elementary School’s learning support classrooms            

  • Kulu Mele Assembly and Cultural Museum: invites Kulu Mele African Dance and Drum Ensemble to perform at Pennypack Elementary School as part of their Acceptance Day activities

  • KV Maker Space: builds upon a successful program launched in 2015 by providing two high-speed computers and VIVE equipment, which enables students to explore virtual reality

  • Learning Through OSMOsis: provides five iPads and five Osmo systems to be used for hands-on learning approaches by the kindergartners at Hallowell Elementary

  • LEGO Robot Invasion – The Quest for Equity: expands the possibilities for our elementary robotics program through the purchase of additional LEGO EV3 robots and supplies

  • Manufacturing Lab Update: provides new band saws, a drum sander, and supplies for classes in the technology education department

  • Minding Our Developing Minds: brings Jacquie O’Malley, Director of the Center for Mindfulness and Wellness, to Simmons Elementary School where she works with kindergartners and 1st graders

  • New DSLR Cameras and Equipment for HH Film and TV Classes: provides five new digital, single-lens reflex cameras and related equipment for use by the Film/TV program at the high school

  • Osmo Learning in the Classroom: offers children in Crooked Billet Elementary School access to an Osmo classroom kit and accompanying iPads

  • Paws in Jobland, Career Corner for 2017-18: expands the elementary career program at Simmons Elementary School through the acquisition of Paws in Jobland, an interactive web-based program

  • Play-based Child-centered Learning Centers: provides ten iPad minis and related equipment to provide active learning in the full-day kindergarten classrooms of Crooked Billet Elementary School

  • Quick Accessibility Tools for Assistive Technology: enables teachers to create and build tools, from weighted pencils to assistive grips, for students who require Assistive Technology in the classroom

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T for All: welcomes hip-hop dance educator, Reggie Williams, and The Giving Tree, a non-profit community service organization, to engage the students of Crooked Billet Elementary School

  • Sixth Grade General Music Ukeleles: provides thirty concert ukuleles to enrich 6th grade music education

  • STEM Guitar & Ukelele Lab: enhances the STEM Guitar/Ukelele Lab at the high school by providing equipment that enables students to build an instrument

  • The Art and Science of Light: gives students the opportunity to marry the visual aesthetics of photography with science by working with four digital, single-lens reflex cameras and adapters for microscopes.

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