September, 2011

Inspired by the books “The Leader in Me” by Stephen Covey, and “7 Habits of Healthy Kids” by his son, Sean, who visited the district in 2009 through an HHEF-sponsored program, students at Pennypack and Blair Mill elementary schools created a “Leadership Mural” for their schools. Each student selected his or her “leadership quality” and drew a design that best illustrated it. Art teacher Mary Arbuckle photographed the designs which were then transferred onto individual tiles. The tiles were fashioned to create a mural, with photos of each child blended together in the shape of hands as the centerpiece.

Members of the HHEF board of directors recently visited Pennypack and viewed the mural. “I was admiring the mural when three 5th grade students, watching me, proudly pointed to their tiles on the wall,” said board member Dr. Dave McPhillips. “One was a drawing of a baseball to symbolize leadership in Little League, another of a violin, to show a leadership in music, and another of a heart-shaped picture of the earth, to symbolize the vision of world peace. This mural is a reminder that everyone has a special role to play and is important to their community.”


Arun Gandhi

Among the Pennypack Elementary School students who contributed to the Leadership Mural, shown behind them, are, from left: Luke Zimmerman,  Eliana Medina, Nicholas Reinheimeier, DJ David, Kylie Crothamel, and Rebecca Fisher. 

Photo by Nancy Tirrell Paravano