Jerry M. Linenger Visit Posted March 5, 2009 by admin


Photos by Nancy Tirrell Paravano

Retired U.S. Navy flight surgeon, NASA astronaut and environmentalist Jerry Linenger, who faced numerous life-threatening events during five months aboard the Russian space station Mir addressed Hatboro-Horsham students and the community on preserving the earth’s resources.  In addition, in recognition of the event HHEF also sponsored a student recycling project that filled a 22-foot-long dumpster on the front lawn at Hatboro-Horsham High School and a student recycled art exhibit directly preceding Linenger’s presentation, which include both print and digital media and a and environmental information fair, which included displays by local businesses, Centocor, AB-8 Waste, Horizon Waste Service, and School  The Hatboro-Horsham 5th grade orchestra ensemble, led by music teacher and director, Pam Sudall,  provided a musical backdrop to the art exhibit and environmental fair.

Dr. Linenger presented “A View From Above of the Water Planet: A Unique Perspective on the Environment.”  to Keith Valley students, High School students and the general community which included students and their parents.  As part of the HHEF sponsored visit by Linenger’s  and Earth Day activities in April, Hatboro-Horsham district students  at all school collected plastic bottles and cans for two week preceding the event. The items were being deposited in a 22 X 8 X 5-foot dumpster on the front lawn of the high school until Linenger’s appearance, then were taken to a recycling center in Philadelphia by AB-8 Waste Solutions of Doylestown, owned by 1988 Hatboro-Horsham High School graduate Jennifer Partelow.  In this brief two week period, the bottles and cans were collected at a rate that in a year could have covered the surface of a football field with a single layer of bottles and cans or a baseball infield with a 10 foot layer of bottles and cans, as calculated by district elementary students with Teacher and Math Specialist, Carolyn Koch.

Linenger’s presentations, the reception and the recycling project were sponsored by the Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation, a 20-year-old, nonprofit organization which provides innovative learning grants to district teachers and staff for projects in the schools, and cultural events and enrichment programs for district students and the community.

Members of Students for a Sustainable Future, from left, Chris Torsitano, 17, Horsham, Gina Lee, 16, Horsham, Club Advisor  and HHHS Biology and Environmental Science teacher Vanessa DeLuca, Alex McGlinchy, 17, Horsham

At reception, from left,  HHHS Student Ambassadors Lauren Serratore, 17, Horsham, Rebecca Cox, 17, Hatboro, Jerry M. Linenger . Also pictured, center, is a Rebecca’s  piece “Tanning”, a visual representation of an environmental statistic  related to the environment

At HHHS, from left, HHHS Student Ambassadors  Erica Biedlingmaier, 18, Horsham, Tate Chow, 17, Hatboro,  Jerry M. Linenger,  HHHS Art Department Chair Lori Gallagher

At KVMS, from left, KVMS Student Ambassador Cassie Boone, 13, Horsham,  Jerry M. Linenger, KVMS Student Ambassador Michael Brown, 14, Horsham,  KVMS 8th Grade Assistant principal

HHHS Art teachers  from left, Pat Wolbach and Sarah Sweet, admire a student art project created with one month’s worth of collected cereal boxes.  Project artists, Sara Link, Kaylee Irwin, James Clark and Tim Anderson

Blair Mill and Pennypack Elementary Schools Art teacher Mary Arbuckle and her art student Fayth Eagono, 8, Horsham, stand by a wall-sized installation depicting the number of backpacks used by the district’s elementary school students over the past six years