(Reprinted from the Fall 2007 Hatter Matters,
A publication of the Hatboro-Horsham School District)

The Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation (HHEF) marks its 20th anniversary this year with an exciting cultural events season that kicked off Oct. 2 with an appearance by Dr. Patch Adams, whose unconventional approach to medicine was depicted in a 1998 movie starring Robin Williams.

Adams delivered his message of peace, love and justice to 600 high school students at an afternoon assembly, and then
addressed the community at large in the evening.

The second HHEF presenter of the year was Willard Daggett. Recognized worldwide for his work in education reform, Daggett discussed “The Education Challenge: Preparing Our Students for a Changing World.” He also spent two days in the district, addressing teachers Nov. 6 and 8, and addressing high school students Nov. 7.