HHEF funding has allowed Hatboro-Horsham High School’s HHTV, a district-based television network, to expand this year to include audio production and radio production technology. Over the past few years, HHEF has funded film and broadcasting equipment which included the purchase of PC-based Video Editing Systems and HDV Video Walkmans for broadcasting.

With HHEF’s help in funding equipment purchases, Bob Anderson, the new video producer for HHTV and Dave Thomas, English and Broadcasting teacher at the high school, are taking HHTV beyond similar programs in many area schools and are making it competitive with some of the bigger schools. Plans are underway, Thomas said, to add four new high school communications courses in the next school year and several more in the years to come. These courses will allow students to see if the world of communications is for them and, for those interested in TV, Video, Radio, Film, Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication, will offer a menu “that will rival some colleges.”

“Through these new and expanded courses in the high school, we can affect hundreds more students,” said Thomas, “and because of HHEF, they will have the same tools and opportunities as the work force itself while still in high school.

“HHEF grants have provided the high school students with much of the technology needed to study communications,” he said. “Technology is expensive and the annual HHTV building budget does not cover most of the extras needed to provide H-H students with the best equipment in the industry. The HHEF grants have been the only way to afford these tools for our students.”
Equipment purchased with HHEF grants also has enabled the HHTV student crew to compete in regional, state, national and international film festivals over the last three years. H-H students have won more than a dozen awards and scholarships in these festivals and, with HHEF’s help, they hope to continue this success.