(Reprinted from the December 2007 Heads Up,
the Hatboro-Horsham School District’s Employee Newsletter)

It has been over a month now since Dr. Daggett joined us for our November in-service day.  Since his presentation, I have had the chance to discuss his remarks with a number of faculty members, staff members, and administrators.  While it is rare that any one speaker can address a diverse group of several hundred people and render positive reviews on every count, I must say that the direct feedback that we have received concerning Dr. Daggett’s presentation was overwhelmingly supportive.  Staff members described the presentation as engaging, thought-provoking, and dynamic.

After being involved in professional development and in-service activities for over 30 years, I understand the difficulty of developing and participating in programs that provide substance of value for all stakeholders.  In understanding this reality, it was invigorating to be able to spend a morning with someone who was able to offer so much to so many.  With Dr. Daggett’s presentation as a backdrop, the key challenge is to now build upon the messages and interest he generated.  Whether individuals latched on to large segments of his message or just select pieces, Dr. Daggett offered valuable insights into key issues that could assist us in defining future goals and programming.

“What can we do to follow-up on his presentation and build actions within Hatboro-Horsham that move Dr. Daggett’s words into realities?” As this year unfolds, we will look to take steps that help move Dr. Daggett’s words forward in Hatboro-Horsham so the ultimate result is making decisions that better serve the long-range needs of our students.  We look forward to building upon the enthusiasm and interest that was sparked during Dr. Daggett’s presentation.

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