Becoming One with Nature – and Technology Posted November 30, 2007 by admin


HHEF 2007 Teacher Grants Fund Purchase of Nova 5000s for HHSD

To better understand the life cycles of plants and birds, fifth-graders from across the Hatboro-Horsham School District visited the Jarrett Nature Center and used iPods, laptops, digital cameras and other technological tools to capture the sights and sounds of their visits.

The student field trips, which took place the week of Nov. 5, are part of a year-long terrie pancioproject designed to teach students about ecology while also introducing them to technological tools that will help them to track and record wildlife at the Center during various seasons. Fifth-graders used small, half-sized laptops called Nova5000s at the site to record information, such as the temperature and the types of animals they saw in different locations of the center. In addition, students used iPods to record animal sounds and their own observations. Some students shot photographs and video using digital cameras.

When they returned to their classrooms, the students used the information they gathered to create PowerPoint presentations, and shared what they learned with fifth-graders from other Hatboro-Horsham schools through the power of videoconferencing. The fifth-graders will return to the center at later points throughout the school year to observe again and see how their findings have changed with the seasons.

The information the students collected will also be added to a database for the JNC. The hope is that the database will eventually become a place where students can access historical information about the nature center.

(Reprinted from the Hatboro-Horsham School District Newsletter)