Who We Are

The HHEF is fortunate to have a Board of Directors comprised of dedicated individuals who generously contribute their time, talent, and financial support to the HHEF’s mission throughout the year.

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Executive Director

Stephanie Yoder


Communications & Administrative Coordinator

Mary Zollo


Board of Directors

Carey Rhodes, Co-President
Jen Hammel, Co-President
Joe Stafford, Vice President
Carin Kajari, Financial Secretary
Brenda Rich, Secretary
Robert Reichert, Treasurer

Board Members
Allison Benjamin
Lisa Broida Bailey
Tara Conner-Hallston
Sharon Gallo
Curtis Griffin
Aliya Hammond
Diane Hegele
Robert Johnston
Tara Lee Kepner
Christopher Lyman
Linda Roehner
Monica Taylor
Bill Walker


Emeritus Council

Mary Dare
Nancy DeLucia
Jean di Sabatino
Kim English-Murphy
Sue Fox
Wayne Graver
Wally Grummun
Carolyn Koch
Bill Lessa
Marge Lotter

Pat McGlinchy
David McPhillips
Kim Rubenstein
Chris Stasuk
Ken Trautwein
Deb Tustin
Jon Viscounte
Theresa Williams
Kelly Winters